Racing for Rotary

Join the Rotary Club of Cape Coral and District 6960 in a fund raiser that is fun and exciting for all.  All the funds raised will go to the Rotary Foundation and End Polio.

Simply commit an amount you will donate per laps the Rotary car makes.  Unlimited donors, hundreds of laps (hopefully), fun to watch and join in the fun.


The Rotary car can be displayed at your club, special events, and local events.  Expected coverage in Car & Driver, Grassroots Motorsports and The Rotarian.


A Mazda RX7 (worth $500), parts, roll cage, and fitting out the car have all been donated.


Join us for the fun!


Join us for the fellowship!

Racing For Rotary

P.O. Box 101346, Cape Coral, FL 33910